Emerging Professionals

Our Emerging Professional group is in final preparations for our first ever Luminaire Design Competition! LightenUp: 2019 (View Flyer) is a lighting design competition on Thursday, May 29, organized by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and Cleveland Section Board of Managers to inspire and energize Emerging Professionals (EP) in their understanding of fixture development and application.


This inaugural competition, in conjunction with 20 other sections around the country, looks to provide a collaborative environment between new and experienced engineers, architects and designers, fostering communication, and creativity. Not to mention the winner will get their fixture fabricated at Halper Lighting Studios and a generous cash prize. Contact Josiah Schleicher and/or Bob Halper for additional information.



Above: The 2017 EP Cleveland Indians Social



Emerging Professional (EP) group is an extension of our local IES Chapter. Comprised of lighting designers, engineers, manufacturers, and distributors, it is meant for people new to the lighting industry – i.e. 5 years or less.


We hold 3 to 4 events per year including design sessions, round table discussions, or lighting tours around Cleveland; all of which are open to members and non-members of the Cleveland IES.


The goal of our EP group is twofold: professional growth through networking and membership into the IES.